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We are able to offer uniforms for the following items:


There is a minimum requirement of 50 yards (10 pieces of 5 yards) for all uniform laces.

Wax prints

There is a minimum requirement of 12 pieces of 6 yards for all special orders.


There is a minimum requirement of 12 pieces for all special orders



Please note that the minimum quantity may vary depending on stock levels. i.e. If the stock levels of your selected product are low the minimum quantity is likely to be higher.

Payment and Delivery

Once an order is made it will take approximately 2 weeks for final delivery unless specified.
We do have a fast track Service available which will have additional costs. Please call +44 208 678 8772 and ask one of our advisor's for further information on this subject.

Please note that any special orders from our Special offer section or for a product that has already been reduced in price , may be subject to an increase in charges.

Returns & Refunds

All uniform orders are non-refundable and any cancellations will be subject to the client forfeiting their deposit payment.

Please feel free to call one of our advisor for any further clarification on +44 208 678 8772

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